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  1. New Oral Drug in Multiple Myeloma May Be 'Game Changer'
  2. Top News From SABCS 2012: Slideshow
  3. Aerobic Exercise Eases Breast and Prostate Cancer Fatigue
  4. Cabozantinib Prolongs PFS in Advanced Prostate Cancer
  5. Worst Hematologic Malignancy Treated Without Chemotherapy
  6. Quizartinib: Surprising, Unprecedented Activity in Relapsed AML
  7. [Myeloid Neoplasia] Ponatinib Works in CML When Nothing Else Is Effective
  8. Clinical Consequences of Cancer Drug Shortage
  9. A Call to Eliminate 'Chemotherapy Concession'
  10. Vitamin B12 Deficiency
  11. Conditioning Regimen for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplation (HSCT)
  12. Cell Therapy Shows Promise for Acute Type of Leukemia
  13. [Hematopoiesis & Stem Cells] SOX11 regulates PAX5 expression and blocks terminal B-cell differentiation in MCL
  14. Is a Low, Fixed Dose of Rasburicase Effective?
  15. [Lymphoid Neoplasia] Novel T-Cell Therapies Lead to Remission in Aggressive ALL
  16. Dramatic Changes in Treatment Landscape of MDS
  17. [Clinical Trials] Preventing Heart Damage From Chemotherapy: OVERCOME Trial
  18. Affordable Care Act: What Does it Mean for Oncologists?
  19. [Transplantation] Recommendations Regarding HSCT in ALL Patinets
  20. [Lymphoid Neoplasia] Response criteria for acute lymphoblastic leukemia
  21. Height Linked to Cancer Risk -- Again
  22. [Thrombosis & Hemostasis] [Anticoagulant Therapy] Transitioning between oral anticoagulants
  23. [Thrombosis & Hemostasis] [Anticoagulant Therapy] Monitoring of anticoagulation
  24. FDA Approvals: Plasma-Derived Agent for Anticoagulation Reversal
  25. [Thrombosis & Hemostasis] [Anticoagulant Therapy] Reversal of Anticoagulation
  26. Many Cancer Patients Expect Palliative Care to Cure
  27. [Myeloid Neoplasia] Combination May Trump Standard Therapy in Promyelocytic Leukemia
  28. Second JAK2 Inhibitor for Myelofibrosis Shows Strong Data
  29. [Lymphoid Neoplasia] Routine Monitoring for MRD in Leukemia? It's Coming
  30. High-Risk Smoldering Myeloma Benefits From Early Treatment
  31. [Thrombosis & Hemostasis] FDA Approves Novo Nordisk’s Rare Disease Drug
  32. [Thrombosis & Hemostasis] Four score tools to evaluate the risk of bleed in clinical practice
  33. [Thrombosis & Hemostasis] The definition of major bleeding
  34. ASH: 5 Hematology Procedures That Should Stop or Be Limited
  35. RBC transfusion threshold
  36. [Thrombosis & Hemostasis] The Clotting Cascades
  37. Cancer Deaths in Russia Greatly Exceed Those in US and Europe
  38. [Transfusion Medicine] Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines For Plasma Transfusion
  39. Intracerebral Hemorrhage: The Most Common Causes
  40. Warfarin for Long-term Psychosis Remission?
  41. BCOP (Board Certificated Oncology Pharmacist) and its requirements
  42. [Myeloid Neoplasia] Study Questions Harm of Blood Transfusions in AMI
  43. New ideas about treatment of coagulopathies - NEJMra1208626
  44. The Skipper's Law
  45. Oncology's Unrecognized Crisis
  46. [RBC] Genes encoding globin that contributes to formation of hemoglobin
  47. Gompertzian Growth
  48. Goldie-Coleman Hypothesis
  49. Drug targets in cancer: a comparative perspective
  50. Three principles for designing a combination chemotherapy regimen
  51. The log-kill model
  52. Many Cancer Types Caused by 'Bad Luck' of Random Mutations
  53. New NCCN Guideline for Smoking Cessation
  54. My Lifetime Risk for Cancer Is 1 in 2
  55. The Management of CINV
  56. [Thrombosis & Hemostasis] The ABCDEFs of Direct Oral Anticoagulant Monitoring
  57. Screening of Breast Cancer
  58. Carcinogen
  59. Lung Cancer Rates Surging in Never-Smokers
  60. Cancer Sniffing Dogs to Aid British Doctors
  61. [Clinical Trials] Efficacy of transfusion with granulocytes from G-CSF/dexamethasone-treated donors in neutrop
  62. [Thrombosis & Hemostasis] Effectiveness of IPCDs for Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis in High-Risk Surgical Patients
  63. Leukoreduction for the prevention of adverse reactions from allogeneic blood transfusion
  64. [Thrombosis & Hemostasis] Stopping vs. Continuing Aspirin before Coronary Artery Surgery
  65. Interesting case - Parasite-Derived Cancer?
  66. [Transfusion Medicine] Fresh RBC transfusion was not preferred than usual RBC transfusion - NEJM
  67. [Thrombosis & Hemostasis] ANNEXA-R: Novel Agent Sustains Anticoagulant Reversal From Rivaroxaban
  68. [Lymphoid Neoplasia] Treatment criteria in MM
  69. The Interpretation of Flow Cytometry
  70. Cytogenetics in Hematologic Malignancies
  71. Heme Biosynthetic Pathway
  72. The Hematologist's Manual
  73. A1c and Hgb diseases
  74. Conditioning Regimens
  75. mHC/minor histocompatibility complex
  76. [Thrombosis & Hemostasis] PK-PD of Warfarin
  77. [Thrombosis & Hemostasis] Bleeding Disorders
  78. Chemotherapy-Related Topics
  79. [Thrombosis & Hemostasis] Basic and Clinical Knowledge about platelet
  80. [Thrombosis & Hemostasis] Factors in Thrombosis and Hemostasis
  81. [Thrombosis & Hemostasis] Perioperative management of patients who are receiving warfarin therapy
  82. [Thrombosis & Hemostasis] SAMe-TT2R2 score