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  1. Try to make a pharmacotherapy plan for gout
  2. [Case] A Clinical Case of New Diagnosed Diabetes
  3. [Clinical Case] A Case in Critical Care
  4. [Critical Care] A Clinical Case (2)
  5. [Critical Care] A Clinical Case about DKA in Type 2 Diabetes
  6. Circulatory Shock
  7. Case - Acute Liver Failure
  8. Case - Ventilator-Induced Lung Injury
  9. Case - Resuscitation Fluids
  10. Bleeding and Coagulopathies in Critical Care
  11. Sedation and Delirium in the Intensive Care Unit
  12. A decompensated cirrhosis patient with prolonged PT and INR
  13. Feeding Critically Ill Patients
  14. [How I treat] A new case of gout pharmacotherapy by Tom Hsiung
  15. Feeding Critically Ill Patients
  16. A clinical case of hyponatremia caused by hydrochlorothiazide
  17. A clinical case of dyslipidemia
  18. A case of dyslipidemia concurrent with gout
  19. Arteritis or Not?
  20. Case of Statin use in dyslipidemia
  21. To estimate the ASCVD risk for this patient
  22. Question for the week (Jun 24th 2014)
  23. Question for the week (Jul 1st 2014)
  24. Question for the week (Jul 8th 2014)
  25. Question for the week (Jun 17th 2014)
  26. Question of the week (Jul 22nd 2014)
  27. Question of the week (Augl 12nd 2014)
  28. Question of the week (Aug 26th 2014)
  29. The Eye Does Not See What the Mind Does Not Know
  30. A Case of PDA
  31. A case of dyslipidemia with hypertension and diabetes
  32. An example for drug plasma protein binding
  33. [Pulmonary Embolism] A 55-year-old man was referred for a CT scan of the chest ...
  34. Question of the Week for November 11, 2014
  35. Question of the Week for November 18, 2014
  36. Question of the Week for December 2, 2014
  37. Question of the Week for December 16, 2014
  38. Question of the Week for January 13, 2015
  39. A Case of a Hypertension - From The Course of Clinical Pharmacology
  40. Case, Hypertension, From Course of Pharmacotherapy
  41. 2nd case of hypertension with CKD, from clinical pharmacology
  42. Acid-Base Analysis - Case 1
  43. [Diabetes Mellitus] R.P. is a 43-year-old woman
  44. [Gastroenterology] 1st Case of Peptic Ulcer Disease
  45. Acid-Base Analysis - Case 2
  46. [Acid-Base Analysis] Just another case of acid-base disorders
  47. [Acid-Base Disorders] 15-year-old boy
  48. NEJM Case Series to Download and Read
  49. A Case to Practice SOAP
  50. CC: "Bloating After Ingestion of Fatty Meal and Abdominal Pain for 4 hrs"
  51. CC: "Fever with pain of inferior abdomen, groin, and scrotum"
  52. CC: "Been told that has stage 1 hypertension at an employee health screening last month"
  53. CC: "Chest heaviness/tightness at 10:15 hours"
  54. CC: "Swollen feet and shortness of breath when walking more than half a block"
  55. Case 17-2013 - A 56-Year-Old Woman with Poorly Controlled Diabetes Mellitus and Fatigue