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  1. Just publish a post about Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia
  2. In order to be a pharmacist you have to understand the prescription abbreviations
  3. Helpful strategies and questions for obtaining a complete medication history
  4. ACCP 2012 - COPD Managed With Long-term Antibiotic Prophylaxis
  5. [Infectious Diseases] Antibiotic Rx Highest in Southern States
  6. FDA Approval of SIRTURO™ for Multi-drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB)
  7. FDA Approval of GATTEX (teduglutide) for short bowel syndrome (SBS)
  8. [Infectious Diseases] UCSF Program - Guidelines for Antimicrobial Use in Adults
  9. Antimicrobial Stewardship: ID Consultation Service
  10. HER2-Positive Disease: No Need for Chemo?
  11. [Infectious Diseases] UCSF Childrenā€˜s Hospital Pediatric Antimicrobial Dosing Guideline
  12. Pharmacists Reach Patients With Illustrations, Less Jargon
  13. [Neurology and Pain] Nerve Pain Meds Take Time; Be Patient
  14. Pharmacists Begin to Embrace Pharmacogenetics
  15. A Million-Dollar Strategy for Managing Acid Suppression in the ICU
  16. The Role of Antibiotics in the Treatment of Acute Rhinosinusitis in Children
  17. Gallbladder Disease
  18. The two regimens of methimazole treating hyperthyroidism
  19. What is Hemoglobin A1C Test
  20. Novel Opioid Dependence Pill Gets Patients' Thumbs-Up
  21. FDA approves atorvastatin/ezetimibe combo tablet
  22. [Palliative Care] Opioids with Pure Mu-agonist Activity That are Used for Pain in Palliative Care
  23. [Nephrology] [TDM] Excel table for the TDM of aminoglycosides
  24. [Palliative Care] Pain Management in Palliative Care
  25. [Cardiology] Classification of acute decompensated heart failure
  26. [Palliative Care] Medication therapy for nausea and vomiting in palliative care
  27. [Palliative Care] Management of dyspnea in palliative care
  28. [Palliative Care] Management of constipation in palliative care
  29. Delirium management in palliative care
  30. [Neurology and Pain] Case: A 60 yr old male was diagnosed with lung cancer with total body bone metastasis and pain
  31. Nonpharmacologic palliative treatment for various symptoms
  32. [Nephrology] Factors determining the bioavailability
  33. FDA Approvals: Linaclotide for Chronic Constipation, IBS
  34. [Cardiology] Ambulatory BP Monitoring (ABPM)
  35. H7N9: Probable Human Transmission Case, Threat Remains
  36. [Infectious Diseases] 8 Ways to Deal With Antibiotic Resistance
  37. [Neurology and Pain] Ibuprofen Disappoints as Analgesia During Medical Abortion
  38. [Cardiology] Basic parameters of an ECG
  39. [Pharmacogenetics] Clinical Pharmacogenetics for Thiopurine
  40. [Nephrology] Information about volume of distribution (Updating...)
  41. [Cardiology] How to count heart rate
  42. [Neurology and Pain] Opioid and incomplete cross-tolerance
  43. [Endocrinology and DM] Criteria for The Diagnosis of Diabetes
  44. [Nephrology] Plasma Drug Concentrations, Volume of Distribution, and Pharmacologic Effects
  45. Smoking Habit Should Be Part of Death Records
  46. [Endocrinology and DM] Glycemic Measurements and Control
  47. Clinical Geriatrics
  48. [Nephrology] Describe age-related changes that might affect drug pharmacokinetics
  49. [Nephrology] Questions about Clearance (updating...)
  50. [Pharmacogenetics] List the sites of genetic variations that may affect drug response
  51. [Pharmacogenetics] Describe the types of variations that commonly occur in the human genome
  52. [Pharmacodynamics] The pharmacodynamic changes among older adults
  53. The management of acute gouty arthritis
  54. What is metabolic syndrome?
  55. The initial evaluation for a gout patient
  56. [Endocrinology and DM] Testing for Diabetes in Asymptomatic Patients
  57. [Endocrinology and DM] Prevention/Delay of Type 2 Diabetes
  58. Drugs of ULT in gout
  59. Let's make sure that how fast (drip rate) these drugs should be in Hyperglycemic Crises
  60. Regulation of Acid-Base Homeostasis
  61. Definition of Acid-Base Disturbances
  62. Analysis of Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Data
  63. Steps in Acid-Base Diagnosis
  64. The Management of Chronic Metabolic Acidosis
  65. [Nephrology] Liver function and dose for drugs that are metabolized hepatically
  66. FDA Approves Certolizumab for Psoriatic Arthritis
  67. [Neurology and Pain] Opioids Continue to Be Effective Long Term
  68. Sulfonylurea Use Increases All-Cause Mortality Risk
  69. The Diagnosis of Circulatory Shock
  70. [Cardiology] ProBNP Levels Linked With Vascular Events in Diabetics
  71. APACHE II Score System
  72. Recommendations for Fluid Resuscitation in Acutely Ill Patients
  73. The Seven Factors Determining Interstitial Fluid Volume
  74. Mechanisms of tubular reabsorption & secretion
  75. The reabsorption of sodium in nephron
  76. [Infectious Diseases] Prevention of Clostridium Difficile Colitis
  77. Healthy Diet, Healthy Aging
  78. [Infectious Diseases] Combination Therapy for Carbapenem-resistant Gram-negative Bacteria
  79. Renal Denervation in Moderate Treatment-resistant Hypertension
  80. [Endocrinology and DM] Dawn Phenomenon Affects Half of Type 2 Diabetes Patients
  81. Criteria for simultaneous choledocholithiasis in patients with gallbladder stones
  82. [Infectious Diseases] Updated Treatment Guidelines for C difficile Infection
  83. The Questionnaire For Patients with Gout
  84. Simple Approach Reduces Antibiotic Overprescription
  85. [Infectious Diseases] Kids' Coughs, Colds May Last Weeks but Don't Need Drugs
  86. [Infectious Diseases] The Etest of Antimicrobial Combination Effect Test
  87. [Endocrinology and DM] Printable Shopping List of 101 Low Glycemic Index Foods
  88. [Infectious Diseases] The Health careā€“associated Infection
  89. [Infectious Diseases] Criteria for Classifying Wounds (National Healthcare Safety Network)
  90. Factors affecting serum creatinine concentration
  91. Creatinine clearance estimate for changing serum creatinine
  92. [Infectious Diseases] MERS Cases Highlight Risk to Healthcare Workers
  93. [Neurology and Pain] New Guideline on Opioid Withdrawal in Children
  94. [Infectious Diseases] Combination Therapy for Carbapenem-resistant Gram-negative Bacteria
  95. [Endocrinology and DM] Type 2 Diabetes in Youth: Bad Disease, Big Challenge for Primary Care
  96. [Infectious Diseases] Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock
  97. [Infectious Diseases] Frozen Fecal Material Effective Treatment for C difficile
  98. Spread of MERS in Saudi Arabia Accelerates With 17 New Cases
  99. Update in Hyponatremia from Medscape
  100. [Cardiology] ATP Risk Estimator - 2000ver
  101. [Cardiology] The Management of Dyslipidemia
  102. [Cardiology] Guidelines Update 'ATP-4' -- Finally!
  103. [Infectious Diseases] Arterial Catheters as a Source of Bloodstream Infection
  104. [Neurology and Pain] No Increases in Pain Seen With Opioid Dose Reductions
  105. [New Drugs] FDA approves Dalvance to treat skin infections
  106. [Neurology and Pain] SAFE Opioid Prescribing - Module V
  107. Hope Remains for Fecal Transplant in Ulcerative Colitis
  108. Athlete-Specific ECG Criteria Proposed for Sports Screening
  109. C diff: An Update From the Expert
  110. [Cardiology] ATP 4 Guideline for Dyslipidemia
  111. [Cardiology] Management of Dyslipidemia: Monitor Therapeutic Response and Safety
  112. [Cardiology] How to estimate the risk of ASCVD - The latest equations
  113. [Cardiology] Four Major Statin Benefit Groups
  114. [Cardiology] CAC Score and its significance
  115. Hair fall disease
  116. Appropriate Antibiotic Prescribing? Some Clinicians Resistant
  117. Too Many Antibiotics! Patients and Prescribers Speak Up
  118. IDSA: Skin and Soft Tissue Infections Guidelines Updated
  119. Obesity Epidemic Is Global, New Study Confirms
  120. ID Update 2014: A Quick Take on New Diagnostics
  121. [Infectious Diseases] Just-in-Case Training: Updated Recommendations for Prevention and Treatment of Anthrax
  122. A Home Run for Hepatitis C Treatment
  123. Alcohol and CVD: The Tippling Point
  124. The Effects of Diabetes on the Brain
  125. Dying with Dignity in the Intensive Care Unit
  126. Outpatient Glycemic Control with a Bionic Pancreas in Type 1 Diabetes
  127. Testosterone Doesn't Up MI or Stroke: May Be Protective?
  128. Do Electronic Cigarettes Really Help Teens Quit Smoking?
  129. Epidemic emergency of Ebola virus
  130. A brief concepts about ICU-acquired weakness
  131. No Effect of Acetaminophen in Acute Low Back Pain
  132. Sierra Leone's Chief Ebola Doctor Contracts the Virus
  133. First-Ever ADA Guidance Specifically for Type 1 Diabetes
  134. [Endocrinology and DM] ACC/AHA Lipid Guidelines: A Step up in Diabetes Care, or Not?
  135. [Endocrinology and DM] Diabetic Foot: A Cinderella Condition, Needs a Team Approach
  136. [Endocrinology and DM] 6 Tips for Therapeutic Shoes
  137. Ebola outbreak worsens as scientists search for source of virus
  138. [Infectious Diseases] Emory University Hospital special isolation unit treats 2 Americans infected w/ Ebola virus
  139. [Infectious Diseases] Whether to order tests and prescribe antibiotics to patients with pharyngitis
  140. [Cardiology] Consider Total CVD Risk, Not Only BP, When Starting Treatment, Meta-Analysis Suggests
  141. [Infectious Diseases] Laboratory Guidance on Ebola
  142. The possible mechanism of the impact of glucose transporter 9 to gout
  143. The nontraditional and traditional methods for losing weight
  144. [Neurology and Pain] Safe ER/LA Opioid Use
  145. [Cardiology] Which BP Monitoring Predicts CV Events Best?
  146. CDC confirms first case of Ebola in U.S.
  147. [Infectious Diseases] No EHR Flaw After All in Ebola Case, Says Hospital
  148. [Endocrinology and DM] Meta-analysis of the Risk of Cataract in Type 2 Diabetes
  149. [Neurology and Pain] Phantom Limb Pain
  150. Normal Lab Values
  151. APACHE II Score
  152. The definition of diarrhea
  153. [Infectious Diseases] Studying ā€œSecret Serumsā€ ā€” Toward Safe, Effective Ebola Treatments
  154. The ideal resuscitation fluids
  155. Classifications of Acute Kidney Injury and Chronic Kidney Disease
  156. How to obtain long time outcome of patients with AKI or CKD
  157. [Neurology and Pain] Headache
  158. [Cardiology] Basic Parameters for Heart Function
  159. The difference of a, c, and v wave between jugular pulse and
  160. How to evaluate the variation in drug responsiveness
  161. The average body surface area (BSA) value
  162. [Cardiology] Oxygen consumption by the heart
  163. The regulation of ECF in body
  164. The treatment for systemic hymenopteran-induced anaphylaxis
  165. Hemodynamic and oxygen transport parameters
  166. Features of three classes of vascular catheters
  167. [Cardiology] Hypertension
  168. Cirrhosis
  169. Heart Failure
  170. [Dyslipidemia] HDL-C: Target of Therapy or Fuggedaboutit?
  171. [Attention] Shift Work Impairs Cognitive Function
  172. Predictions for the Field of Infectious Diseases for 2015
  173. Clinicians Know, but Bend, Rules for Antibiotic Prescribing
  174. The PPD test (tuberculin purified protein derivative)
  175. Source of catheter related blood stream infections
  176. Basic determinants for membrane potentials
  177. [Cardiology] Normal values of right and left ventricular performance
  178. Summary Data of Selected RCTs of Intensive Insulin Therapy in Critically Ill Patients
  179. [Endocrinology and DM] What is Sliding Scale Insulin Regimen?
  180. [Endocrinology and DM] Blood Glucose Management of Inpatient
  181. A Drink a Day? In Middle Age, It Might Lower Risk of HF: ARIC
  182. Five Key Questions at the End of Life
  183. ACCORD: Intensive Glucose-Lowering Reduces Ischemic Cardiovascular Events
  184. AVOID Oxygen? Evidence of Harm in MI
  185. Start Moving, Live Longer: Study Shows Physical Activity Lowers Mortality Risk
  186. Mediterranean Diet Linked to Larger Brain Volume
  187. [Cardiology] How to evaluate the abnormal rhythm of heart
  188. Acne - Principles of Management
  189. Patient Information Collection
  190. Hypovolemic Shock: Effect of Fluid Choice on Mortality
  191. [Cardiology] Natural Course of Hypertension
  192. [Cardiology] Are ACE Inhibitor/ARB Combinations Beneficial?
  193. ONTARGET Trial
  194. OPAL-HK Trial
  195. [Endocrinology] Interpreting Hormone Measurement
  196. [Endocrinology and DM] Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes
  197. [Cardiology] Patient Evaluation Tool For Hypertension
  198. [Endocrinology and DM] Patient Evaluation Tool For Diabetes Mellitus
  199. Causes and Diagnosis of Lactic Acidosis
  200. 'Bionic Pancreas' Research Brings Device Closer to Real Life
  201. A Systolic Blood Pressure Target of <120 mm Hg? The SPRINT Trial
  202. [Gastroenterology] The Management of Dyspepsia
  203. Antibiotic Resistance ā€” Problems, Progress, and Prospects
  204. TOPCAT Analysis: Spironolactone Benefits HFPEF in Americas
  205. [Cardiology] Greater CAD Progression in Poor Responders to Statin Therapy: One in Five Fail to Respond
  206. Southern-Fried Trouble: Some Diet 'Patterns' Raise CHD Risk
  207. [Infectious Diseases] The Definition of SIRS
  208. [Infectious Diseases] Surgical Prophylaxis
  209. The Nutrition Support Pharmacist's Manual
  210. [Endocrinology and DM] Type 2 Diabetes Management: Choosing the Best Therapies
  211. The Critical Care Kit
  212. The Biopharmaceutics Kit
  213. [Neurology] How to distinguish vascular dementia with Alzheimer disease
  214. [Infectious Diseases] Symptomatic UTI Treatment Allows Some to Skip Antibiotics
  215. Personalized Nutrition by Prediction of Glycemic Responses (From Cell)
  216. The Mayo Clinic Study of Aging
  217. [Neurology] Predicting the risk of mild cognitive impairment in the MCSA
  218. Heart-Rate Range Could Be a Prognostic Marker in Heart Failure
  219. Warning Symptoms Can Often Precede Sudden Cardiac Arrest: Cohort Study
  220. [Endocrinology and DM] Carbohydrate Counting
  221. [Endocrinology and DM] Pregnancy with Preexisting Diabetes Mellitus
  222. A System Review/Meta Analysis of RCTs Comparing Intensive with Routine Antihypertensive Plan
  223. [Infectious Diseases] Zika Virus Resource Center
  224. [Medical Nutrition] Medical Nutrition Kit
  225. CDC Issues Zika Travel Alert
  226. Acetaminophen for Fever in Critically Ill Patients with Suspected Infection - No Benefits
  227. A new type of lipid lowering drugs
  228. Empagliflozin, Cardiovascular Outcomes, and Mortality in Type 2 Diabetes
  229. [Cardiology] Time course of Myoglobin, CK-isoforms, CK-MB, and Troponin after AMI
  230. Glasgow Coma Scale and Extended Glasgow Outcome Scale
  231. Trial of Short-Course Antimicrobial Therapy for Intraabdominal Infection
  232. New Drug - Alirocumab - Lowering the Plasma LDL-C
  233. Hospital Routines May Be Making Patients Sicker
  234. [Endocrinology and DM] Factors affecting the precision of A1c
  235. [Endocrinology and DM] Exchange System for Patients With Diabetes
  236. [Cardiology] Therapeutic goals and options of cardiovascular diseases
  237. [Endocrinology and DM] Therapeutic goals and options of cardiovascular diseases
  238. Factors That Influence the Relationship Between Prescribed Dosage and Drug Effects
  239. [Cardiology] Pharmacotherapy of Hypertension
  240. What is formula limitation? - Stephen's answer
  241. Definition of Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Practice by ACCP
  242. [Neurology] Low-Dose versus Standard-Dose Intravenous Alteplase in Acute Ischemic Stroke
  243. [Infectious Diseases] Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Prevention
  244. [Gastrointestinal] Acute Pancreatitis
  245. [Neurology and Pain] What happened in next one year following a TIA event
  246. Principles of Pharmacotherapy