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  1. A online drug information website
  2. Thank a pharmacist told me a hospital computer system called "VISTA"
  3. Find a new website which has a lot of drug and their prescription information
  4. Make a provider and patient education for levothyroxine
  5. WHO international pharmacopoeia
  6. Twelve tips for using Twitter as a learning tool in medical education
  7. Pharmacists Find New Ways to Improve Care Transitions
  8. Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS)
  9. What is intention-to-treat analysis?
  10. Just found a website with lots of medical apps and sites
  11. Tom shared his profession documents here. Anyone is able to download them!
  12. A Useful Site with Numerous Normal Lab Values
  13. A website about guidelines for critical care
  14. The responsibility of a Drug Information Center
  15. [Evidence-Based Medicine] What is Number Needed to Treat and Number Needed to Harm
  16. Keeping Up to Date by Using Evidence-Based Medicine
  17. [Calculators] A reliable site for opioid conversion
  18. I have found an very powerful webpage-based EHR
  19. Latest info about calcium supplements and fracture prevention
  20. How to elicit critical information that other healthcare professionals really need
  21. A New Mobile Model of Medical Research
  22. [Evidence-Based Medicine] The "AAAAA" Approach to Evidence Based Medicine
  23. [Evidence-Based Medicine] Epistemology Principles of Evidence-Based Medicine
  24. [Evidence-Based Medicine] Five Types of Foreground Clinical Questions
  25. [Evidence-Based Medicine] Categories of Evidence-Based Medicine Resources
  26. Smartphone Apps for BP Popular, Useful, but Unvalidated
  27. User's Guides for an Article About Therapy (Randomized Trials)
  28. [Mechanism] Secondary-Line Antidiabetic Agents
  29. Apps Can Help Health Habits, but Proof Is Poor: AHA Statement
  30. [Law] Illicit Drugs
  31. Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics of Long Half-Life ACEIs