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Thu 23rd October '14, 3:05am
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has a history of PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus). About four months ago the patient felt some stress due to financial problems, the stress is still at present. 4 weeks ago the patient had pain in left arm origining from heart, headache, short of breath. Also the patient reported a history of hypertension and abnormal plasma glucose level (twice, not clear if fasting, 120 mg/dL, 134 mg/dL).

I plan to ask following question to my patient.

Q1: Do you have pulmonary hypertension or history?

Q2: Do you have a recent A1c? And detail about the glucose levels.

Q3: Do you have symptom of cyanosis, especially the differential cyanosis? Upper extremity or lower extremity, or both?

Q4: Do you have evidence that the left atrial and ventricular enlargement?

Q5: Detail about the BP.