What Were Pharmacists Reading in 2012?

Medscape's pharmacist members are a diverse group with practices that run the gamut from allergy and clinical immunology to urology, in settings ranging from community pharmacies to critical care. To respond to the needs of this multifaceted audience of professionals, Medscape has assembled an outstanding panel of authors who answer the many questions presented by our members. In 2012, Medscape's Ask the Experts series addressed an assortment of clinical and professional role issues posed by our readers.

If you missed them earlier, here are the 5 most popular columns of the year as determined by you, Medscape's pharmacist readers.

5. Where Is Generic Colchicine?

Darrell Hulisz, PharmD, explains the recent confusion surrounding the generic availability of colchicine.

4. What Exactly Is Krill Oil?

Gayle Nicholas Scott, PharmD, discusses the efficacy of krill vs fish oil as omega-3 supplementation for heart disease.

3. Can Iron Worsen Infection?

A reader asks Sarah Hale, PharmD, whether iron supplementation should be continued in patients with infections.

2. Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

What should health professionals know about electronic cigarettes? Darrell Hulisz, PharmD, explains.

And the top article on Medscape Pharmacists in 2012 is...

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