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    More than 98% of all calcium in the body is contained within the skeleton. Bone serves as as reservoir for calcium, which can be stored and released when needed. Calcium has at least two key physiological functions in adults: 1.intracellular second messenger;2.a key of hydroxyapatite, which is present in great quantities in the organic matrix of bone and provides strength and rigidity to the skeleton.

    As we grow old, the possible long-term calcium deficiency can clearly confer a predisposition to osteoporosis, but, the key is that if we elderly people have long-term calcium deficiency. Actually, many persons mistakenly believe that postmenopausal and age-related bone loss and the associated increase in susceptibility to fracture can largely be avoided with the use of calcium supplementation.

    Let's look at the potential harmful effect of calcium supplementation first. If the amount of calcium supplementation exceeds its upper limit, the patient is at increased risk of nephrolithiasis (appears to be dose-dependent). This risk is observed in studies of calcium supplementation in postmenopausal women. Other potential harms include constipation and dyspepsia (common), possible increased cardiovascular risk (not definitely/controversial). We must note that these harmful effects come more possibly from non-dietary intake of calcium than dietary intake of calcium.

    (More coming ...)
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