For the purpose of convenient communication between members, the new post notifications function is turned on by default. All members will receive an instant email notification sent from system automatically when there are new posts added to his/her thread.

It seems that the user must subscribe the thread first before the user can receive the new post notificatioin sent from the system automatically. So by default all members turn on the subscribing function after registration.

Maybe users wanted to receive new post notification at the time when they subscribed the thread. However, after a period of time user might don't want to receive new post notification relevant to the thread any more. In this condition user can delete the subscription of these threads. How?

Go to your control panel, "My Subscriptions". There you will see all the threads that you have subscribed. Just manage them as you wish. As shown in the picture below.

How to delete the thread or posts which I subscribed before?-subscription1-jpg