To customers located in China. Thanks for your great support to our forum. Today our team would like to let you know that the fourm's function of registering and search met issues to these customers. The problem is the image verification function provided by Google. Because the reason of preventing spam we had set image verification during the process of registering and search. Recently, users in China mainland have faced the issue of Google, that is users located in China mainland couldn't access Google anymore.

Due to this reason, the image verification function of process of registering and searching has been un-accecssible. However, the image verification shall be always required for registering or searching due to the need to prevent spam or robot. So customers in China at present might face the issue of registering and searching because they cannot simply see the image (provided by Google) required to verify.

Until now there is no way to fix this issue, except until the way to Google become accessible in future. We are so sorry about this problem. But we cannot cancel the image verification.

Pharmacy Profession Forum

Aug 18th 2014