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Thread: [Fix] No sound after sleep/wake -Clover

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    From: [Solved] - No sound after sleep - ALC892 - Yosemite + Clover - Help with fix

    Solution was here Dolnor/EAPD-Codec-Commander but I needed help as I couldn't work out what to do.

    Fortunately I got assistance from the author of Codec Commander and all credit to Dolnor for his help

    Below is a guide of what I did which I hope will help. Bear in mind first time I have done this, but I still have sound after sleep/wake

    Software requirements:

    1. Xcode:
    2. PlistEdit Pro or similar: Fat Cat Software – PlistEdit Pro
    3. Kext Beast or similar: Downloads -
    4. Codec Commander code from above link. Hit download zip and put the folder on your desktop

    What I did:

    1. In the folder EAPD-Codec-Commander-master you will see a file called "CodecCommander.xcodeproj" - right click and open with Xcode
    2. Hit command+B and the kext should build
    3. You should see this:

    4. In menu bar (xcode) select Product/Build For/Profiling - this creates the Release folder:

    Now right click on "CodecCommander.kext" (shown in pic step 3) and Show in Finder. Then go up a catalogue (on my keyboard command plus up arrow) and you will see 2 folders, Debug and Release. You now need to edit the CodecCommander.kext file that is in the Release folder.
    5. Open the CodecCommander.kext file with your Plist Editor.
    6. In a terminal window type this: "ioreg | grep EngineOutput" hit enter, you should see something like this:

    7. Referring to the output above, change the value shown with arrow in following pic with the value directly after the @ symbol. In this example "1B"

    8. Now edit the value shown in next pic with the value directly after "1B" in my example. In my case "2"

    9. Then I added the code shown in the red rectangle:

    According to Dolnors guide these: "Settings (above) help for fugue sleep introduced in 10.9, which you could break during 25 second delay and end up with disabled EAPD. Enable this setting if you find yourself interrupting fugue sleeps frequently"

    10. Save changes and place the kext file on the desktop
    11. Install the kext to system/library/extensions using Kext Beast or similar
    12. In Clover Configurator import your config.plist and in Boot/Arguments select darkwake=8 and save your amended config.plist to EFI/CLOVER

    13. Repair permissions and reboot

    Please remember, I am fairly new to Hackintosh (18 months or so) and I am still learning. If anyone wants to pick me up on anything or suggest corrections to this guide, please feel free.

    Hope this works for you.
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    @rj985 wrote,

    I got this to work with the ALC1150 on ga-z97x-ud5h. However, I did not add the code you used in step 9. Every time I saved the file, those lines were rejected by PlistEdit Pro. But I did all the other steps and I've had a few successful sound after sleep/wake cycles thus far. This fix has solved both my ALC898 and ALC1150. I'm happy! Thank you.
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    Codec Commander

    What is the purpose of this?

    Used for updating EAPD (External Amplifier) state on HDA (High Definition Audio) codecs that use given amp on Speaker or Headphone nodes (both, or even extra ones in some cases). In OS X EAPD gets powered down across sleep so audio remains non functional after waking the machine up.

    Usually, this external amp is present on laptops and ITX board, most common on machines with ALC269, ALC665 and similar codecs. When machine falls asleep the amp is powered down and after waking up, even though it seems like audio is working, there is no sound coming from speaker/headphones because amp requires a codec command verb sent to it in order to powered up.

    This kext is intended to take care of this.

    Additionally, starting from v2.2.0, Codec Commander can now solve a problem that plagues some desktop boards without EAPDs, but with a problem that causes to loose jack sense and sometimes audio upon wake. One of these boards is H87-HD3 with ALC892 onboard audio codec. For workaround, the codec is reset at wake, much like VoodooHDA acts, in order be treated by AppleHDA the same way as before sleep.

    How is this useful over patched IOAudioFamily?

    People used to rely on custom IOAudioFamily - Apple's open source files were altered, incorporating a method (originally coded by km9) to update the EAPD after sleep. What's bad about this kind of approach is that it required sources for modification to happen… and as everyone probably knows by now, Apple tends to delay the release of sources for 3 weeks to 2 month after OS updates get released.

    No more waiting for sources, no need to be searching for a kext that matches your node layout and no need to have different kexts for different OS X versions (generations, if you will).
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    Default Re: [Fix] No sound after sleep/wake -Clover

    Is there a version for El Captain, as when i use this Xcode project there is error or issues when it builds?

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    Default Re: [Fix] No sound after sleep/wake -Clover

    There are some kexts that don't require edition of Xcode. Here:

    Hope this helps.

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