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Thread: To establish the epidemiology of drug-induced diseases and their impact on PH

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    Default To establish the epidemiology of drug-induced diseases and their impact on PH

    1.The frequency of drug-induced diseases

    2.Nonmedical factors contributing to drug-induced diseases

    3.Particular medications, doses, and routes of administration associated with drug-induced diseases

    4.The temporal and geographic distribution of drug-induced diseases


    5.Specific patient characteristics associated with drug-induced diseases.
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    Level of evidence

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    Default The key obstacles in identifying the cause of drug-induced diseases

    One important obstacle to identify the cause of drug-induced diseases is recognising the reaction as a drug-induced disease and being able to distinguish it from spontaneous, yet similar, clinical manifestations that are not drug-related.

    Another obstacle is determining the numerator (i.e., number of patients with a drug-induced disease) and denominator (i.e., population who took the drug) necessary to calculate the morbidity or mortality rate associated with a particular drug.
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