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    Three layers in total, see below.

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    Pia Mater

    The innermost pia mater consists of flattened, mesenchymally derived cells closely applied to the entire surface of the CNS tissue. The pia does not directly contact nerve cells or fibers, being separated from the neural elements by the very thin superficial layers of astrocytic processes (the glia limitans), which adheres firmly to the pia mater. Together, the pia mater and the layer of astrocytic end feet form a physical barrier separating CNS tissue from CSF in the subarachnoid space.

    Blood vessels penetrate the CNS through long perivascular spaces covered by pia mater, although the pia disappears when the blood vessel branch to form the small capillaries. However, these capillaries remain completely covered by the perivascular limiting layer of astrocytic processes.
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