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Thread: 10 common mistakes when studying for the boards

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    Default 10 common mistakes when studying for the boards

    You have been taking high-stakes exams your whole life, and here you are studying for the boards in preparation for the Board Certification or Maintenance of Certification exam, just as nervous as ever. That's Natural! Failing the exam can have repercussions, and you don't want to have to retake it.

    Tom: A good thread, and I love it. Full article avaialbe at

    1.Believing the being good at a subject is a matter of inborn talent rather than hard work

    2.Assuming that learning is fast

    3.Thinking that knowledge is composed of isolated facts

    4.Believing that multitasking is easy, especially during class or studying

    5.Relying too much on your instructors to prepare you

    6.Not leaving enough time to study

    7.Studying in an arbitrary, rather than priority, order

    8.Wasting time reinforcing your strengths

    9.Using passive study strategies

    10.Not testing yourself on the material
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